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Were you cited with a ticket in Jacksonville, Illinois, and you don’t think you are guilty? Michael A. Hankins Attorney at Law can help. If you have a traffic ticket and it goes onto your driving record, your insurance rates could potentially climb. Having a traffic ticket lawyer who understands traffic law and knows how to navigate through the waters is really beneficial for you.

Most Common Traffic Offenses

There are several things that could go wrong while you are driving. Whether you are speeding or driving without insurance, there can be a number of reasons for an officer to cite you with a ticket. The good news? Michael A. Hankins Attorney at Law has experience minimizing the consequences of traffic violations, sometimes getting them expunged from your driving record.

The most common reasons for traffic tickets include:

Moving Violations
Non-Moving Violations
Driving Without a License
Driving Without Insurance
Reckless Driving
Failure to Signal
Failure to Stop
Construction Zone Violations
Seat Belt Violations

Options for Traffic Violations

If you are cited with a traffic violation, the ticket will indicate whether a court appearance is needed or not. This detail is important when it comes to how our attorneys handle your case. Read below to learn your options when cited with a traffic violation in Morgan County.

In the case that a court appearance is required, the charge is more than a minor offense. While these cases can be expunged from your driving record (depending on the charge), the best way to help through this legal process is with the service of a traffic law attorney.

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If your traffic violation is classified as a minor offense, a court appearance is not required. If this is the case, there are three options for dealing with this:

Option 1:

This is the obvious choice. You can accept the ticket and plead guilty. You will have to pay the fine, and a conviction goes on your driving record.

Option 2:

You can plead guilty but request court supervision. This results in you being able to drive on probation, and after a certain time period, the violation will be expunged from your driving record.

Option 3:

If you are innocent, you can plead not guilty and request a trial. During the trial, you must provide proof that you didn’t do what you were accused of; having a traffic lawyer can be beneficial for this option.

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Driver’s License Reinstatement

Driving on the roads of Illinois is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, you can have that privilege revoked if you don’t adhere to the law. When you are cited with a traffic ticket, you are more than welcome to represent yourself in court. However, if you aren’t an experienced lawyer or have knowledge of traffic laws, it could be a huge mistake. If you don’t have an understanding of the applicable laws and correct procedure, when you petition for your license reinstatement, it could go against your favor.

Having your license revoked makes life harder – unable to commute to work, pick up your children from daycare, or run daily errands – there is a lot at stake. Therefore, it is best to trust your local traffic ticket lawyer in Jacksonville, Illinois, for a better chance at reinstating your driver’s license.

In accordance with Illinois law, a driver can be cited for three traffic violations in a one-year period before they have their license suspended or revoked. The duration of your license suspension depends on the violations with which you were charged.

  • Reckless Driving – 55 points
  • Ignoring a traffic-control light – 20 points
  • Illegal turn at an intersection – 10 points

Our Law Firm Can Help with Your Driver’s License Reinstatement

Michael A. Hankins Attorney at Law has decades of experience advocating for our client's license reinstatement – and has found much success in doing so. Our law firm can help expedite your driver's license reinstatement process.